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Benefits during recovery

Nozoair® Sport nasal strip facilitates nasal breathing allowing improved ventilation of sportmen during effort.

Recovery is also facilitated after effort.

From patented technology*, Nozoair® Sport nasal strip increasingly improves air intakes in nostrils bringing comfort to occasional or professional sportmen.

A study performed in collaboration with Faculty of sport of Lille (Faculté des Sciences du Sport et de l'Éducation Physique de Lille 2) including 40 sportives volunteers to evaluate effects of Nozoair® Sport nasal strips on heart rate, effort perception and dyspnea during a submaximal effort exercise on:

-   Heart rate: decrease heart rate during an exercise at constant speed and increase duration to obtain 80 % of theoritical maximal heart frequency with nasal strip.

-    Dyspnoea exertional: decrease nasal breathing difficulty perceived by actors

*European patent 217 85 88/ Brevet US 7 114 4985 B2