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How to use nasal strip ?

Instructions for use

Carefully clean and dry nose to eliminate all greasy tracks on skin that could prevent from correct adhesion. (All sebum or greasy secretion on skin jeopardise nasal strip’s correct adhesion).
Remove protective strip and apply nasal strip following instructions on the picture. Hold it by the middle.
Press both extremities of nasal strip on nose sides for 20 seconds until it is correctly stuck. 

Useful tips

Choose right size for a better result. It exists in 2 sizes: for small/medium noses and for large noses.

Apply nasal strip 15 minutes before going to bed for an efficiency all night long.

Be careful to place correctly the strip on your nose. 

Remove nasal strip after using it. Start by taking off extremities, then left softly both sides.
In case of adhesive residue on skin, clean it with water and soap.


External use only
Single use
Do not use among children under 10 years old
Do not apply on wound, irritative, sensitive skin or sunburn
Do not wear nasal strip for more than 12 hours a day
Store at room temperature and away from the sun