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Principles of nasal strips

Patented technology: 

From patented technology*, Nozoair® Sport nasal strip significantly improves breathing during sport performance. This nasal strip relieves also nasal congestion and reduces snoring.

* European patent 217 85 88/ US patent 7 114 4985 B2 

This medical device is a regulated health product which holds, in conformance with these regulations, the CE mark.

Principle of nasal strip

Nozoair® Sport nasal strip is composed of a transparent layer and a hypoallergenic medical adhesive.

Tapered spring of strip allows, thanks to increasing strength and comfort, to facilitate air intakes in nostrils.

External notches allow appropriate positioning of the strip.

Comfort while wearing nasal strip is bringing by cushioned layer all over periphery of the strip.

Hypoallergenic medical grade adhesive remains nasal strip in place during entire effort.

Ergonomic shape and design of Nozoair® Sport adapt themselves to all noses for an adjusted adhesion and optimised comfort.  

Central protrusion facilitates centering strip on nose. Depending on nose shape, central protrusion can be set upward or downward.


Exclusive advantages:
without medicine agent
without doping agent
latex free
minimum irritation risk

Nozoair® Sport nasal strips
are packaged under individual wrappers without latex, in box of 30 strips, and are available in two sizes: large nose – small/medium nose.